Porsche Reveals Latest LMP1 Racecar Ahead Of Le Mans Debut

As Porsche begins preparing for its much-anticipated and triumphant return to the prototype class of racers participating at this years 24 hrs of Le Mans endurance race, the company has decided to give fans of its racing program an early pre-race present by unveiling new images of its latest LMP1 racing vehicle which were taken during its initial tests on the company’s Weissach test track.While crucial details such as the car’s official designation as well as what technology lurks underneath its skin, and potential sponsors are still being kept under wraps by Porsche. The company did reveal that the car will be powered by a hybrid powerplant which will allow the vehicle to comply with current LMP1 regulations while also being cleaner to operate than Porsche’s prior LMP-class vehicles. Despite the eye-popping swirl camouflage scheme’s attempts to hide the vehicle’s exterior styling from curious eyes, the car does look much more aggressive than past efforts, and is a solid step up over the company’s last serious effort the LMP2 class RS Spyder which last saw Le Mans action back in 2009 before skipping 2010’s event and finally being shelved the following year due to new regulations that made the car obsolete.

With formidable rivals such as Audi and Toyota bringing LMP1 cars of their own to Le Mans, look for Porsche’s newest entry to face a tough battle on the grueling twist and turns of the Le Mans circuit as it strives to give Porsche its 17th Le Mans win and complete the resurrection of the company’s racing program. In the meantime, Porsche has kindly set up a micro site called “” which chronicles the brand’s extensive and highlight-filled history at Le Mans and should allow race fans and Porsche enthusiasts to better understand the heritage and pedigree that Porsche has gained during their many years of racing and winning on this legendary and iconic circuit.

Author: Carl Malek

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