Chrysler Officially Prices Mopar’13 Dart

For the past several years Mopar (Chrysler’s in-house parts arm) has worked its collective magic on several Chrysler vehicles producing special editions such as the Mopar ’10 Challenger, Mopar ’11 Charger, and the Mopar ’12 300 that aimed to give buyers an opportunity to give each of these vehicles a distinct and unqiue personality that embodies the Mopar brand. Chrysler officially released the pricing for its newest Mopar-inspired creation, the 2013 Mopar ’13 Dart that aims to continue where its predecessors left off.Chrysler Group LLC introduces limited-edition Mopar ’13 Dart.The company claims that the sedan is now available for customers to order and will have an official base price of $25,485 which does not include the $995 destination fee. As reported here on Autosavant, this particular iteration of the Dart has received several distinct cues that set it apart from its mainstream Dart siblings with its most noticeable change being its model exclusive Pitch Black exterior paint which is contrasted by an equally bold blue racing stripe. In addition to its visually appealing paint, the car has also received several aftermarket-inspired touches including a model exclusive body kit and gloss black 18 inch wheels. Performance has also been beefed up too thanks to a revised exhaust system, upgraded brakes, a slightly lowered suspension, and a reworked power steering system for better handling while the 160 horsepower 1.4 liter MultiAir turbocharged four cylinder is carried over from the standard issue Dart virtually unchanged.MP013_034DG

Meanwhile, the interior features Katzkin leather seat material and – for the first time ever in a Mopar-themed model – the color scheme for the front passenger seats is reversed with the driver seat featuring a bold blue hue that is accented by black highlights while the other seat flip the color order around and feature a solid black hue with blue highlights with premium floor mats and a sport pedal kit rounding out the Mopar inspired theme. As is the case with higher grade Dart models, the Mopar ’13 version will arrive with an extensive list of standard equipment which include the familiar 8.4 inch touchscreen infotainment system, wireless charging for phones and other mobile devices, and heated seats.

Look for the Mopar ’13 dart to begin arriving at a Chrysler dealership near you sometime this summer.

Author: Carl Malek

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