McLaren Announces Limited Production 50 12C Roadster and 12C Spider Variants

With the celebration of McLaren’s 50th anniversary in full swing, the company has unveiled plans to produce the limited production 2014 McLaren 50 12C and 50 12C Spider which were both designed to visually embody 50 years of McLaren engineering both on and off the race track.

The exterior styling for these particular models will retain much of the basic profile and styling cues that have made their appearance on standard issue 12C models, but stylists from the company’s McLaren Special Operations division (MSO) have made several tweaks to make the 50th anniversary variants visually stand out from standard issue 12C models when viewed side by side. A redesigned Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) front bumper that draws its inspiration from the old High Sport edition model provides additional downforce to the front end of the 12C, while also achieving a more dramatic styling statement. The front bumper has also been redone and is now constructed from Carbon Fiber, wheras the front floor of the 50 12C is made from equally lightweight carbon Kevlar material. In a bit of nostalgic flair, these models will also feature a special black F1 heritage badge on the hood which is a nod to the company’s legendary 90’s supercar the F1.  Prior to its appearance on the 50 12C, this special badging was only available to clients of MSO. The 50 12C will also allow buyers to choose from only three exterior colors Carbon Black, Supernova Silver, or a special heritage inspired “McLaren Orange which compliment the carryover carbon fiber turning vanes that now feature special 50th anniversary badging.

The interior of the McLaren 50 12C mirrors the basic layout seen in standard 12C models but once again, McLaren designers have made subtle alterations to prepare the car’s driver focused cabin for 50th anniversary duty which includes a noticeable leather upgrade on the supportive racing inspired seats, as well as carbon fiber accents and special floor mats while a special model exclusive dedication plate on the drivers door rounds out the changes and denotes the production number for each car.

Performance comes from the familiar 593 horsepower 3.8 liter twin turbocharged V8 which has been carried over unchanged from the standard MP4-12C. However McLaren engineers have enhanced the car’s braking hardware with special carbon ceramic brakes which improve stopping power and are also lighter in weight than the units they replace, while special Satin Black McLaren 50 Ultra Light wheels shave 4.4 pounds of weight from the car when compared to the company’s Super Lightweight spec wheels, and feature a staggered arraignment with 19 inch rims up front and bigger 20 inch units in the rear.

Production of the 2014 McLaren 50 12C will be limited to a mere 100 examples (50 coupes and 50 Spiders) with deliveries expected to begin after the company’s anniversary on September 2nd. Each car will arrive with a monogrammed silver and black car cover, a model exclusive limited design key that is sheltered inside a carbon fiber presentation box, as well as a special commissioned art print signed by Frank Stephenson, who serves as the company’s Design Director. McLaren has not released official U.S pricing for the 50 12C, but prices in the U.K will begin at £196,000 for the coupe, while the Spider version will have a slightly higher base price of £215,500 which is $296,352 and $325,836 respectively when conversion rates are applied.

Author: Carl Malek

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