Lamborghini Unveils Egoista Concept To Commerate 50th Anniversary

In an unexpected move late yesterday, Lamborghini surprised 350 of its loyal customers at a private dinner by unveiling the Egoista concept car which was designed by legendary Volkswagen designer Walter de Silva to commemorate the brand’s 50th anniversary.

The exterior styling of the Egoista (which means “selfish” in Italian) retains many of the basic lines and creases that define Lamborghini’s current design language, but unlike past efforts such as the Aventador and even the recently unveiled Veneno hypercar, Lamborghini designers upped the ante and made the Egoista a rolling homage of extreme styling. The Egoista is largely built out of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, and features numerous angular accents and sharp creases while raising the bar even further by incorporating a special radar-absorbent material into its overall construction. The look is enhanced further by bold orange wheels and an orange tinted windshield that flips forward for easy access to the interior while recessed LED lights located on the front fascia finish off the styling and also give the Egoista a distinctive yet muscular profile.

The performance-oriented interior of the Egoista further embodies the selfish nature of the car by only offering one seat for the driver with no accommodations available for passengers that want to come along for a ride. De Silva claims that the overall theme, as well as the minimalist setup of the cabin was inspired by the Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter which is similarly spartan in its setup and is a textbook example of function over form styling. To keep the driver in place during spirited driving, the Egoista features a four point harness with each component being constructed out of a different hue of fabric. A consequence of the Egoistas aggressive lines is that it has no formal doors, and the driver will have to remove the steering wheel and place it on the dashboard before flipping open the windshield to exit the vehicle.

While Lamborghini did not reveal too many details about the Egoista’s performance hardware, the company did state that power for the Egoista comes from a mid-mounted 5.2 liter V10 borrowed from the Gallardo which is good for 600 horsepower in this particular application. It is unknown if Lamborghini plans to bring the Egoista into some form of production like it did with the limited edition Veneno or if it will be just a one-off example, but if the Egoista generates the same amount of fanfare that the Veneno did when it originally debuted, perhaps Lamborghini could do something similar with this concept. Stay tuned to Autosavant for the latest developments on the Egoista as they become available.


Author: Carl Malek

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