Mercedes Unveils Updated 2014 Sprinter Van

Mercedes-Benz has officially pulled the curtain off of its reworked 2014 Sprinter Van. The versatile and popular Sprinter will not only debut new exterior styling with this major refresh, but also introduce new safety and convenience technology that aims to build upon the Sprinter’s popularity and world class versatility to appeal to a new generation of commercial buyers.

The exterior styling of the 2014 Sprinter retains much of the basic profile and shape that have defined previous generations of the Sprinter, but Mercedes stylists made the Sprinter fit in better with the rest of the company’s lineup by redesigning the van’s trademark vertical grille while new headlights further enhance this, and also give the Sprinter a slightly more elegant face versus the more utilitarian function over form look favored by prior iterations of Sprinter.

The interior of the Sprinter has also been reworked for 2014 and features new items such as redesigned shift knob, new seat covers, chrome accents on the air vents that mirror those seen on other Mercedes Benz products, as well as a thicker steering wheel. In addition to the new interior bits, the 2014 Sprinter also comes equipped with new convenience features such as Bluetooth connectivity as well as an up-level Becker navigation system which should come in handy for deliveries in unfamiliar areas. Along with the increased levels of comfort, the 2014 Sprinter also features several new safety technologies that enhance occupant safety. For instance, all iterations of Sprinter come standard with Crosswind Assist which helps keep the big Sprinter stabilized during high winds, while Blind Spot Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, and Lane Keep Assist are available as optional equipment.

Performance for the 2014 Sprinter comes from several four and six cylinder diesel power plants which are capable of producing 95 to 190 horsepower respectively. One engine in particular that stands out from the rest of the lineup is the new 1.8 liter natural gas powered four cylinder engine. This pint sized power plant is good for 156 horsepower (thanks to a supercharger and direct fuel injection) and allows the Sprinter to be the first commercial van to comply with Europe’s strict Euro VI emissions mandate. Regardless of what flavor of engine is equipped, power is routed to the rear wheels through either a six speed manual gearbox or the company’s seven speed automatic which should deliver smoother shifts and also assist the sprinter in achieving good fuel economy numbers which are an impressive 44.4 mpg combined (according to the European cycle) when equipped with the company’s Blue EFFICENCY PLUS package.

Interested in putting the 2014 Mercedes Benz Sprinter in your garage?  We hope you have a tall opening. Ordering for the 2014 Sprinter will begin in June, with the initial deliveries expected to begin sometime in September. Mercedes did not release the official pricing ladder for the Sprinter as of yet, but look for that piece of information to be released closer to the Sprinter’s official launch. Clearly, Mercedes-Benz sees a threat to its Sprinter franchise with the forthcoming Fiat-based Ram ProMaster van, not to mention the new Ford Transit and Transit Connect.  As they say, competition improves the breed.

Author: Carl Malek

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