Alfa Romeo Unveils U.S. Bound 2014 4C Ahead Of Geneva Debut

Following countless years of speculation as well as numerous promises of it reaching production, Alfa Romeo has officially unveiled its latest sports car offering the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C sport coupe which aims to bring performance and fuel efficiency in a bold Alfa styled wrapper while also spearheading the company’s triumphant (and long promised) return to the U.S. Market.

The exterior design of the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C mirrors that of the 2011 4C concept car, while also incorporating styling traits from the larger limited production 8C sports car. Changes on the production version of the 4C are very minimal; in addition to reworked head and tail lights, Alfa designers have also tweaked the mirror and door handle assemblies. Other than these minor tweaks, Alfa stylists have kept the 4C’s beautiful curvy styling largely intact which should please Alfa loyalists looking to make a stylish and bold statement when  they are behind the wheel of their new 4C. In addition to its seductive styling, the 4C is also very compact measuring in at just 157 inches in length with height and width checking in at just 46 and 76 inches respectively which puts the 4C very close to the Lotus Elise in overall size while helping to improve overall performance at the same time.

Alfa did not release any detailed images of the production 4C interior (expect those images to be revealed closer to the car’s official Geneva debut), but the company did promise that the performance-oriented cabin will feature a healthy amount of carbon fiber trim as well as two sport bucket seats for optimum support during spirited driving. In addition to these elements, look for the interior to also feature an equally abundant amount of aluminum and other premium grade materials.

Performance for the sleek 4C comes from a turbocharged four cylinder engine that is borrowed from the Giuletta Quadrifolglio Verde, but Alfa Romeo engineers have made several mechanical revisions for duty in the 4C and in addition to adopting a mid engine layout for better weight distribution, they have also upgraded the intake manifold and added a new from the ground up exhaust system which should make a pleasing exhaust note when pushed to full throttle.

All of the 4C’s muscle is channeled to the rear wheels through a special TCT Dual Clutch automatic transmission which features steering wheel mounted shift paddles for manual shifting. The 4C will also feature the company’s ingenious DNA system which first debuted on the MiTo hatchback that allows the driver to tailor the car to a wide range of driving situations. However unlike the system found on the MiTo, the 4C’s unit has been reworked and in addition to the familiar Dynamic, Natural, and All Weather modes, it also features a brand new Race mode which should please enthusiasts looking to push the 4C to its full potential out on the racetrack.

Look for the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C to make its formal debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March with more details such as pricing, production figures, and official performance numbers unveiled closer to the 4C’s arrival in Geneva. Stay tuned to for more information on the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C as it becomes available.

Author: Carl Malek

Carl Malek is Autosavant’s resident German car fanatic and follower of all things General Motors. Carl first entered the world of automotive journalism as a freelance photographer during his freshman year of college before making the switch to automotive writing several years later. Carl developed an interest in cars at an early age, which helped him overcome the challenges of a learning disability in mathematics. In addition to writing for Autosavant community, Carl also contributes to many car forums and enjoys attending automotive events in the Metro Detroit area with his family. Carl’s message for others with learning disorders is to believe in yourself, be persistent, and face all challenges head on.

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