Dodge Revives Charger Daytona Model For 2013

In an announcement released earlier today, Dodge revealed that it plans to resurrect the limited edition Daytona styling package for the 2013 Dodge Charger which will be available on both the standard Charger R/T model and Chargers equipped with the “Road & Track” Package. Last offered in 2009 on the previous generation Charger model, Dodge claims that the Daytona package has been redesigned and re-imagined for 2013.

A key example of this re imagining is in the car’s exterior styling, where Dodge stylists have added a number of unique cues for 2013.  Splashes of retro inspired Satin Black have been added to the vehicles roof, rear spoiler and hood with more black accenting found on the 20 inch polished alloy rims. Four exterior hues will be available and in addition to the featured “Daytona Blue,” the 2013 Charger Daytona will also be available in Billet Silver, Pitch Black, and Bright White. Rounding out things is the model’s trademark “Daytona” graphics which are placed on the rear quarter panels.

In addition to these styling changes, Dodge engineers also have tweaked the performance characteristics of the Daytona for 2013. A high speed engine controller has been outfitted as well as a reworked rear axle ratio which is now at a more performance oriented 3.06. The steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters have also been equipped with a special sport mode which should deliver faster shifts in all kinds of driving situations. It is not all about straight line performance though, Dodge engineers have also made tweaks to the car’s suspension and steering systems which should improve the Daytona’s handling over garden-variety Chargers.

The interior has also seen a slight rework for models equipped with the Daytona package. A Beats audio system is standard equipment as is special black upholstery (leather for Road & Track models) which features blue accents and piping and special Daytona embroidery for the front seats. The dashboard remains largely unchanged except for special dark brushed aluminum trim and a small dashboard mounted plaque.

Interested in putting a 2013 Charger Daytona in your garage? Pricing will vary depending on the Charger the package is equipped to. On standard Charger R/T’s, the Daytona package will add $2,995 to the final price for a grand total of $32,990. Up-level “Road & Track” equipped versions will see a slightly lower $2500 premium which will add up to a slightly higher $36,495. The Charger Daytona will arrive at Chrysler showrooms early next year with production limited to just 2,500 copies before Daytona production ceases.

Author: Carl Malek

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