Long Term Test: F-150 FX4 Ecoboost Update 2

It seems like just yesterday that our long term Ford F-150 Ecoboost FX4 SuperCrew hit the 5000 mile mark. Here we are with a truck that has rolled past the 10,000 mile mark. Since our last update, we have had our first service, been through one warranty repair and have seen fuel economy fall off from the first report. We are still looking to demo some products for the truck and are interested in your questions and comments. Read on for all the news and use the comments to let us know what you would like to see.

I am the primary driver of the F-150 and even after almost a year with it, I still enjoy the F-150 every time I get behind the wheel. When you spend time reviewing cars you can end up leaving your primary driver parked for long periods. There has yet to be a time when I have gotten back into the F-150 and missed whatever I had been driving previously. The truck remains quiet, comfortable, and the EcoBoost V-6 delivers such impressive power it is tough to be fair to fuel economy.

At this point of ownership, I can confidently say that the EcoBoost V-6 gets slightly better mileage when compared to the best in class V-8s. To date we have averaged 17.2 miles per gallon. This is almost dead on to the EPA estimate for mixed driving at 17 MPG. The first 5000 miles came in at 17.9 MPG and this 5000 mile segment came in at 16.4 MPG. I tracked our driving closely and this round was far more city focused than the first 5000 miles, so the decrease is not surprising. Over this time our average speed was 29.5 MPH and at our first update the average speed was closer to 34 MPH.

Originally, I had wondered how long it would take to pay off the extra $750 cost of the EcoBoost. From my experience it would take almost five years to gain back $750 extra the EcoBoost costs in fuel savings. If you go by the EPA (and we have been right on their numbers) the EcoBoost gets about 5.88% better fuel economy (1 MPG (the improvement over the mixed EPA number)/17 (the EPA mixed number for a 4*4 Ecoboost) * 100 (to get the percentage)) in mixed driving when compared to the 5.0. (Who said you’d never need word problems again??) If you drive an average 12,000 miles per year you would burn 705.8 gallons of gas. At $3.71 a gallon (the current average) that would be $2,618.82 spent on gas in a year in the EcoBoost. With the 5.0 you would burn 750 gallons and spend $2,782.50 per year. So, if everything went the way the EPA said it would it would take a little over four and a half years to make back your money. To be fair, keeping your truck clean, maintained, and your tires inflated properly could also gain you similar economy.

So with a potential five year payback is the EcoBoost worth it? Absolutely! It isn’t the economy that makes this engine special, it is the power. I would happily put this version of the EcoBoost (it is different from Ford’s other offerings) up against any European competitor. The EcoBoost is a torque monster that is both quiet and smooth.

Spending this amount of time in a vehicle does allow one to learn all of the little intricacies that you would not have a the chance of finding even after spending a week with truck. Here are a few things that we have found annoying and would love for Ford to address in future versions of the truck. This truck is outfitted with the FX4 package which is intended to boost its off-road prowess. It works well and the rear locker makes playing in the mud and sand a bit more comforting. The issue is that the engine bay gets filthy and is very difficult to clean. Part of the issue appears to be that the EcoBoost does not take up all that much space under the hood allowing dirty water, mud and sand to make its way all over the top of the engine. Beyond the large gap in front of the engine I’m at a loss to explain how dirty the engine bay gets. I have off-roaded other trucks and Jeeps and nothing gets as dirty under the hood as the F-150 EcoBoost.

SYNC works as well as can be expected once everything is connected, but it cannot handle re-connecting to a Bluetooth audio source after a restart. In other words, if you are listening to Bluetooth streaming and shut down the car, when you restart it Sync doesn’t reconnect to Bluetooth and defaults to the 3.5mm aux input. This then requires you to pick Bluetooth audio as the source once Bluetooth connects. Almost everything else I have driven recently has a pause when starting the car to give the audio system a chance to connect to Bluetooth and then start streaming again. I am going to ask Ford if they can provide an update for SYNC, stay tuned for our next update.

In our last updated I noted that the key pad on the door is very useful, but it is missing a feature. If you’re like me and wake before the sun rises, it would be very nice if the pad lit after a pull at the locked door handle. After you press the first button it lights, but at that point you have most likely pushed the wrong button. Another nice feature of the F-150s are the constantly powered 12 Volt outlets in the truck. Together with the USB port for SYNC, you can keep almost anything charged, even charging things while the truck is off. Here is another suggestion for Ford: allow the dashboard mounted power outlet to be switched from constant hot to ignition dependent. This way, if you’re like us and use a radar detector, you will no longer need to remember to turn on and off the device every time you enter the truck. The final improvement that this truck needs is an additional door holder indent. What is that you ask? You know when you open the door of your car and it has natural places it will stop and hold? Well, in the F-150 it has two options, barely open and you just smashed the car next to you. It just needs one more spot directly between the two that exist now.

New Camera - Daytime Image

Do those things sound too nitpicky? Maybe, but they are the little annoyances that you learn over time. Here is the good news: the truck has run like a finely made Swiss watch for over 10,000 miles. In that time it required one oil change, at 10,014 miles, and had one minor technical issue. The only glitch in the truck was a backup camera that had lost its high-contrast mode at night. I have talked to a number of our readers and most people didn’t know about this or understand what I was talking about. When I first bought the truck, at night when you shifted it into reverse, the backup camera came on as expected. The trick was it went into a high contrast mode, almost like a night vision. Then, one day, it stopped working and you had to ride the brake pedal to be able to see anything with the camera at night.

New Camera - Nighttime no brake lights

I took it back to Ford and they thought I was a bit crazy, but after checking their system they found a TSB (technical service bulletin) about the backup cameras. The TSB said that the software in the actual camera could be faulty and to replace it if a customer reported any issues, so a replacement was ordered. (If you’re having the same issue make sure you advise your service manager to order a new rear badge as well, because it needs to be broken off to replace the camera.) A week later I had a backup camera that works wonders at night and doesn’t require riding the brakes in order to see. The pictures attached are after the replacement camera was installed. You’ll note that the screen isn’t as grainy as it appears in the photos; the grain is a result of night photos with no flash.

New Camera - Nighttime with brake lights

During the service we chose to have them put synthetic oil in as a replacement. This was to see if synthetic performed any miracles for fuel economy (it hasn’t) and also to help with the longevity of a truck we plan to keep for years. The synthetic oil change cost $69.91 and they charged us $26.95 to rotate the tires for a total cost of $96.86 tax. Almost $30 to rotate the tires is a bit pricey so next time we’ll do that ourselves – or maybe we should just put new wheels and tires on the truck.

Here is where we need your help: what aftermarket parts would you like to see us test on the truck? We have started reaching out to manufactures to test products, but we would love to go to them with your ideas and feedback. As always, follow @AutosavantKG for more frequent updates on the long term test EcoBoost Ford F-150.




Author: Kevin Gordon

Kevin is Autosavant's owner and Editor-in-Chief, responsible for setting the overall strategy and editorial direction of Autosavant. He's also the primary contributor to Autosavant's YouTube channel (youtube.com/autosavant) where you can find a comprehensive library of new-car reviews.

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  1. “I am the primary driver of the F-150 and even after almost a year behind the wheel I still enjoy the F-150 every time I get behind the wheel.” would probably be better without the first ‘behind the wheel’:

    “I am the primary driver of the F-150 and, even after almost a year, I still enjoy the F-150 every time I get behind the wheel.”

  2. There are a few aftermarket plug-ins that are supposed to allow customization of the engine control computer to maximize power or fuel economy (I think Bully Dog makes one for the EcoBoost) that might be worth a try. There are also the usual cold air intakes and after-cat exhaust systems that are supposed to boost power in the 15% range.

  3. @nikko – Editorial fumble. My fault.

  4. I have a 99 F150, extended cab four wheel drive, 5.4 v8..its mileage is 14 in city and 17.5 on interstate. 15 mph combined..

    While almost 17 miles per gallon you were getting is good….I would love to see how the new 5.0 would do?

    For me…Ecoboost is not worth the price., its not much better than the 5.0 i am thinking.and really think the 5.0 v8 should be better on fuel and six speed automatic helping too than my old 4 speed auto! …Seems like a V8 version should get close to 16 mph..

    Glad Ford is offering it though..but I am not a big fan..jury still out when these trucks get used how reliable the two turbos and complex tech..are worth

  5. I have a 09 F150 4×4 and my gas mileage is dead on the EPA but I am lacking in torque on hills pulling a 25.5 fifth wheel. What I really haven’t seen is a review comparing the hill climbing of my 5.4 against the new Eco with a load on..

  6. Great report! Thank you Kevin. I think Ford trucks are best.

    @Tony. Maximum torque on the Ecoboost is below 2000 rpm while on the 5.4 over 3500 rpm. The 5.4 is also a torquey engine, you need to keep it close to 3000 rpm to keep it happy while towing. Use your manual shifter.

    I have a 2002 F-150 SuperCrew with the older 2v 5.4 with the 4spd tranny. I pull an 8000lbs fifth wheel and have been doing so for 8 years now. With the overdrive off, that leaves me with only 3 gears. It tows great at 3000 rpm (but I get 7- 8 mpg doing so).
    My next truck is a 2013 EcoBoost F-150 HD Lariat (8200 GVWR).

  7. CORRECTION: 420lbs of torque @ 2500 rpm.

  8. Would like to your take on window rain guards. I put Weathertechs on my 2012 Supercab front windows and everytime I try to close them the window goes up then comes back down. I don’t put many miles on mine, less then 1k in 2 months, so it’ll take a while to see if they break in. Weathertechs go into the window channel as opposed to some that stick on the outside. Also put in the Weathertech floor mats in, the black carpet in my truck is a mistake. Having more miles on yours, have you figured out what the AVG mileage is measuring?

  9. I’ll get in touch with Weathertech to see if we can get a set to test and I’ll let you know. So far our overall average mileage is just under 18MPG (17.89) in very mixed driving. In the last 3000 miles we’re seeing 18.5 MPG, with our current tank averaging above 19.

  10. Kevin, DI engines are known for carbon buildup, but Ford has supposedly found relief in using an oil catch can. Have you experienced any symptoms of carbon buildup and lost power?

  11. I have a 2012 FX4 Ecoboost 3.73 gears and love it. At 3500 miles so far. I have only put on a 2 and a half inch leveling kit to get on a set of 33 inch tires. Even with the bigger tires I avg. 18.2 city and over 20 mpg hwy. Very happy….I had an 04 F150 XLT 5.4 which I traded in on the 2012. I cant belive the power dif between the two trucks. This Ecoboost is great.

  12. We have not seen any issues with carbon buildup or power loss, but I’ll keep you posted.

  13. I like to drive small fast cars and big fast boats. Trucks are not really my thing but I use my husband’s truck to tow my boat so gotta have one, right. We are in the market for a new truck (currently Silverado owners) and the Ford dealership let me take home a F150 Eco boost overnight. I towed my 4500lb. wakeboard boat and it completely kicked ass!!!. I took my normal steep ramp to the freeway and was at 70mph before I got off the ramp to the freeway (only up to 45mph in the Chevy). I then towed the boat up a 1.5 mile 12% grade by my house and it rocked it! Love the truck and the power but slightly concerned about buying new technology. I am sure we will be getting the eco anyways.

  14. when the first complaint you can think of is a dirty engine bay, it must be a really good truck.

  15. One thing I think people are not understanding is that the gas mileage is much better when you consider the EcoBoost can out tow the 5.0 by 2,000 when both are equipped with the Heavy Duty packages. My ecoboost is also averaging 17.5, but easily gets over 20mpg highway.

  16. I have a 2011 5.0 FX4 with 29,453 on it when I pulled into the shop tonight and this week am picking up a 2012 FX4 Ecoboost to go along with this one, I own a Lawn Care & Landscaping Company and we absolutely love the 5.0 but cannot wait to how the Ecoboost can compare! We have 1 other truck also a 2007 F350 147,xxx miles, the 5.0 pulls the 7k mowing trailer and gets 13-14 average if your easy on it, the 07 pulls the 20′ that averages in at about 12k and gets 12.4 no matter how you drive it, I will update you on the Ecoboost as soon as we get it. We put about 30k-40k a year on each truck. So I am excited!

  17. I agree 100% with Mike. The ecoboost is considered to be Eco because unloaded it can get the same gas mileage or better than the similarly equipped 5.0 or 6.2. The difference is the increased potential for towing and effortless acceleration. In addition, (with Ford) the only other engine capable of towing 11,000+ lbs is the 6.2. It achieves 411 HP and 434 TQ at 4500, I repeat 4500 rpm. ON PREMIUM GAS!! 6.2 fuel economy is 13 city / 16 hwy, 14 combined. Ecoboost is 365 HP and 420 TQ at 2500 rpm on REGULAR GAS!! More pulling power and effortless and addictive acceleration down at 2000 rpm less than big V-8. More usable torque at low rpm is the difference. Ecoboost economy is 16 city / 22 hwy, 18 combined. More MPG (ECO) and POWER (BOOST) than a similarly capable V-8.

  18. I absolutely want the ecoboost; however I am concerned about this new tech & twin turbs. Are my concerns misplaced?

  19. @kris, though I think it’s smart to be cautious, I haven’t heard of any serious problems with the EcoBoost engines in the F-150. It seems that Ford really beat the crap out of them during testing before production. Here’s a good summary of the engine’s condition after the torture testing, as well as a recap of what was done to it before its teardown:

  20. Thanks for the well written review. I have a ’12 FX4 5.0 and am interested if you all found a way to keep the engine bay dirt/debris out? Is there a skid plate extension available?

  21. Yo peeps, the ecoboost is a JOKE, I also own a lawncare co and I pull a 6×14 single axle with 2500 lbs total pulling wt….10 mph……i have yet to get more than 300 miles on a 26 gallon tank… i take it easy and try to go slower….stiil not good…. it has alot of power and i love the truck when i am not towing …5% of my life…. yeah it has had alot of hype…ya know the commercial,,,pulling 9000 lb trailer… up to 23 mpg…Yeah right…going downhill…..salesman said ..oh something is wrong with the truck…service says… we tried every thing and there is nothing wrong with your truck… even the general manager says … oh the ecoboost is not good for towing… what !!!… thats not what the advertising commercial said…. this is my first ford and I am so dissapointed…. 50 hits on my credit report to try and make this my own BOOST… out of my life…

  22. I traded a Chevy Duramax (15mpg) for a 2012 4X4 F-150 ecoboost and can’t get more than 13.4mpg out of it. It has been in the shop several times for different issues with the engine and the mileage still sucks! I want my Chevy back, or atleast trade for a 5.0.

  23. How about putting the Camburg performance suspension kit? Keep it looking stock, with new 18 inch wheels and 30 inch tires (or maybe 17 inch wheels with 30 inch tires), but get the benefit of increased travel.

    I am suggesting this out of pure selfish reasons, as I am considering doing this to my F150, and would like to see a review.

  24. I am in the market for a 2013 F150. I have test driven trucks with the 5.0 and the
    EB. The issue that I am having may be a psychological trick. The 5.0 feels like it has more power to me. I know what the numbers are but I think that this my be because the EB is so quiet. It seems silly but the sound that the 5.0 makes gives the illusion of more power.

  25. it is getting me 9 miles a gallon ord 2011

  26. I have a 2012 f150 5.0 with 17k on it now, have a K&N air intake, just got back in the range of the eco boost hp wise. My plans are to add the BOSS 302 intake and a retune from sct, I estimate around 425+ ponies at that point. Still, naturally aspirated. Just waiting for warranty to expire 😉
    Let’s face it guys, our trucks will eventually break. the ecoboost will break.. and when it does its going to cost you a Sh!t Ton of Cash to fix.. just for giggles before you buy a eco walk over to service and ask them how much it would cost to replace a turbo, 1 of 2… nevermind if something else breaks in the process.
    My last truck was an 05′ f350 6.0 and I traded it for the 12′ 5.0 f150, I was going to buy a 250 with the 6.2 gas engine in it because of the stupid costs of diesel, I drove the 250 6.2 and the eco 150 and then finally the 5.0, and there was something about the 5.0 that made me smile, she growls and screams when you get in her. I pull my 8.5 x 20 car hauler with this truck just the same as my last. I know my diesel had more torque and could pull more weight. but I never pull anything over 10k anyway. Plus if you plan on pulling more than 10k you shouldn’t be looking at a half ton pickup….. That’s why they make the bigger trucks :P, Sorry I am getting off track here, I being the skeptic just couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around driving a twin turbo v6 truck. nor the justification of the added money to do so. Not to be the fly in punch bowl here but we have had many offerings in the past with a turbo or a supercharger, and even twin turbos. Yes they are great for sport cars. But they have proven highly un-reliable and costly to fix when broken.
    Imho get the 5.0 (360hp), stick a aftermarket air intake system 10-15 hp(now 370-375hp), 250 bucks, reflash, get 15-20 more(now 385-395hp) 500 bucks. Spend the same as buying the eco, get more horsepower and have a more reliable naturally aspirated motor.
    There is a reason why Ford went back to the tried and true 5.0 ( it worked really well for like 27 years) granted the coyote engine is a different beast. But none the less. it can put out the same horsepower as much bigger engines. Go with the 5.0 never look back, you will not be sorry.

  27. Danny, where can you have a reflash done? I have an ’08 Denali AWD whose heaviest duty is towing my ’86 Mustang convertible (351 Windsor EFI, Griggs suspension). Not pulling a trailer, I can get 21 MPG, keeping it around 70 MPH. Great ride, and I like the AWD (rains a bit here in SW Louisiana) stability and confidence. However, I’ve had some aggravating quality control issues and when I get another truck, I think I will go back to Ford (I’ve had 3 F150’s), if AWD is available…some posts indicate that it is, but I’m not sure. I think that I’ll go the 5-0 route, and use the mods that you mentioned. My last F150 was an ’06 with a chip and an intake, as well as a dual exhaust conversion, and it pulled the car and trailer just fine. So, I think the Coyote,with even more hp and torque, will do what I need, and sound great in the bargain.

  28. It is so odd to see the disparate results people are getting with this engine. Some folks are getting 17MPG + for mixed driving, others like me are getting MUCH MUCH worse. I have a 2012 F150 Platinum with the EB engine. In 3200 miles, I have yet to see a full tank of gas get better than 12 MPG in mixed city and hwy driving and being very gentle with the throttle. I have taken it in 3 times to the service dept, convinced that something must be wrong with my truck everytime I read a review where someone is getting 17MPG+ for the same type of driving. No luck. The service guys have nothing to offer and say that the truck is running perfectly. How perfect can it be running if it is advertised to be getting 41% better fuel economy than I am experiencing?? Either my truck is defective, or Ford is engaged in false advertising with the MPG sticker they had on my window.

  29. CJW
    perhaps your axle ratios are different. That makes a huge mpg decrease.

  30. i used to to get 17mpg first 3000mi. now i am almost through next 3000mi. and i am only getting 12.9 to 13.5

  31. I posted this comment on the Sierra Denali page as well, but I though all those of you considering buying an Ecoboost should read this.

    I am looking to replace my 2012 F-150 Lariat w/ 3.5 Ecoboost, 20″ chrome wheels, etc. every option. The truck’s acceleration performance is everything Ford says it is, besides the fact that it has been the shop 5 times over 9 months for engine problems. The intercooler had to be replaced, as the truck was losing power under a hard acceleration, after a sustained cruise. It took Ford 6 weeks to get the parts as this problem has become common to Ecoboost owners. Ford should be ashamed of the gas mileage claims. I average 13mpg by the truck’s computer.

    After driving GM trucks and SUVs for many years, I switched to Ford with a 2010 F-150 5.4, and then the 2012 F-150 Ecoboost. I am going back to GM. Ford products ride like a truck compared to the GM products, and the GM V-8′s outperform Ford’s in all categories including fuel economy. If you want V-8 performance, buy a V-8, because the the mileage on the Ecoboost is beyond bad, not to mention the service bulletins that Ford will not tell you about until after you buy the truck. The sound of the GM 6.2 is music to my ears after my experience with Ford and the Ecoboost for the last 9 months.

    Even if you don’t agree with me on the GM – Ford argument, don’t buy an Ecoboost, eventually you’ll be sorry. I have over 20,000 miles on my truck and my problems with this motor have continually gotten worse, including the fuel economy. The only positive comments that I have heard about fuel economy are from people who drive very conservatively and also don’t average their mileage properly. The 5.0 or the 6.2 are better options depending on your towing needs. I did drive a 2012 5.0 and was impressed. I hope this information helps.

  32. I have to say I have only had my ecoboost fx4 for about 14 weeks and have put on about 5800 miles but so far so good. I have clocked my fuel economy on the highway a few times, one trip I did about fifty miles from Maryland into Delaware on 95 at 60 mph and got a just over 24 mpg and just the other day I set my cruise at 63 mph and drove from PA, about 45 miles north of Philly down to Baltimore MD and got an average of 23.3 mph over the 120 mile trip. Around town my worst has been around 13.5 but city is hard to judge depending on how congested the are is. I have a cap on the back with a few hundred pounds of tools in it and it doesn’t seem to affect the fuel economy much as far as I can tell. I had a Nissan Frontier rear wheel drive stick shift before this truck that I loved but I can’t say I ever noticed getting fuel economy over 22 with it. I haven’t had to tow my trailer yet but to say the least I couldn’t be happier with this new truck, everything about it seems to be just right. I have broken it in easy just enjoying trying to keep my fuel economy good using the cool mileage graph they have on the instrument cluster and costing up to the red lights rather then jumping on the breaks all the time. One thing I loved about the Fortier is the great power it had, very peppy, although I miss the stick shift I do enjoy the fact that this Ford despite its size drives much like the Fortier.

  33. ok,ok, ford is the best, chev is the best,whatever. I never owned a dodge so no comment there. I had two chevs, an 05 and an 08 5.3 and loved both trucks and the 08 had a tow package with 373 gear but, I had my share of problems with these trucks and I baby my trucks other than towing a trailer to the park on the weekend. Now I own a F150 ecoboost with tow pack and 373 gear and from personal experience so far its a better truck. When towing the same trailer the F150 handles better, pulls better, brakes better and gets better fuel economy. As for comfort and handling when not towing maybe a little better than the chev and fuel economy seems to be the same. So far so good for my ford, no complaints here.

  34. My Ecoboost 2013 is worse on gas than my 2010 5.4
    I bought the new one to save gas mostly and so far no good
    ford is no help at all so far
    I am just about to call this my last ford
    it will be up to ford and if they help my with my truck or do nothing and help me decide to shop elsewhere

  35. I have a 2013 Ford FX4 ecoboost and I get about 14.7 so far city. I dont know what you guys are talking about getting so low as like 12’s and 13’s. Maybe super agressive driving? Idk, but I love the eco, smooth sailing when crusing around town, with just the right amount of pep when I need to pass the soccer moms. Tows my 6×12 trailor with the motorcycles just fine too, with better miliage than my old tundra did.

  36. I have a 2012 crew-cab ecoboost. I have had absolutely no issues with this truck, none what-so-ever. I consistently get 17+ mpg in town and around 20 on the highway. I do intend to get a freer breathing intake and exhaust soon along with a tuner. I am hoping to justify the cost with better mpg after the tune, but I don’t believe I can totally cost-justify the upgrades based on better gas mileage alone. Performance has always been an important consideration for me and if that improves as much as I expect, I am hopeful this truck will satisfy for years to come. I am really hoping the turbos on the ecoboost have a long life. That is really my only fear with having made the choice I did. Time will tell. Now that they are coming out with 1/2 ton trucks with diesels, that will be what I will go to next should this whole ecoboost thing fall flat on its face.

  37. Interested in testing protective screen for the turbo-charger air inlet/cooling assembly—the large “window” where air enters(below the radiator) is close to the road–I’m concerned with road debris/rocks hitting the unit, but wonder about dangers of restricting air flow. Have you found an after market cover that is recommended?

  38. I’m thinkin of buying a 2012 fx4 ecoboost 123300 km the dealer said they did all the updates on the motor. What are some things I should look for when test driving it? What would be a good price? What do people think of the electronic diff lock, I really like the auto 4 wheel drive in the gmc’s.

  39. I have a 2013 ford f-150 with an eco boost engine and the truck has been nothing but trouble. in 17777km the truck has seen the garage 6 times and had many issues. seal on the rear differential let go, heater motor quit, battery had to be replaced 4 times and its being drained dramatically. black soot in the exhaust pipe.
    biggest issue im having is fuel economy. 16 highway miles per gallon.

    I am very frustrated with it and want to trade it for another make

  40. I have had two ecoboost fx4s, a 2011 I put 30k miles on and I replaced it with a 2014 fx4 recently, i liked the color better- looks great in black- anyway- both very poweful trucks, very quick, very reliable- and for both of them gas usage – mixed/mostly city driving is between 14 and 16, highway is 17 to 19- thats it. These guys saying they get 22 on the highway must work for fords advertizing department. No worries though I love the truck!!!

  41. I have had my 2013 FX4 Ecoboost/Max Tow in many different scenarios and it has been excellent 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time, I have either had loud, startling rough shifts, or the dreaded “Ecoboost shutter” hits and delays power momentarily because of water vapor (especially in humid conditions,) entering the intake via condensation from the intercooler system. If I could suggest two products to test to remedy these issues, they would be “Life Time Tune’s – Performance LiveWire TS+ 5Star Tuning system” and “UPR’s Catch Can.” Both of these can be found at

  42. I would also like to say that speed is always something to consider when reading reports or posting MPG claims. I have the Max Tow package with the 3.73 rear end and on the same piece of highway, round trip, I average: at 45mph = 17.4mpg, 55mph = 18.8mpg, 62-63mph = 21.4, 68-71mph = 19.2mpg, 75+mph = 16-18mpg. My in city numbers with “spirited driving” average 15.3mpg.

    I have a 31′ WolfPack 27WP that when fully loaded is 10,100 pounds, a little over I know. The truck does it well and stops well but then I average 7mpg! I’d like to see if in one of your product reviews, if a Performance/Tow tune through “Life Time Tunes” would change this. They are the only tuning company I have found that offers an Extended PowerTrain Warranty.

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