Video Review: 2012 Honda Fit Sport AT

It took me a week of banging my head on the steering wheel, but I think I finally figured out how to express my feelings about a modern Honda. Hondas are like BlackBerry smartphones. They are reliable, sturdy, and feel a bit stuck in the past. If you really need to get your e-mail and you need the highest grade of security pick the Honda. If you’re interested in embracing the future? Lets hope that Honda has some rapid innovation up their sleeves. The 2012 Honda Fit Sport does everything a car needs to do. It does these essential car activities very well and I am convinced that it will keep doing them for years to come. My concern is that in the market today it seems like the competition is innovating faster and bringing more exciting products to market.

None of this is to say that Honda is dead or that you shouldn’t go buy a 2012 Honda Fit. The Fit is a very good CAR and that is something to point out as a positive. What it is not, is a good sub-compact rolling entertainment center. The one major issue with the Fit is the lack of power with the automatic transmission, but with the 5-speed manual, that is less of an issue. For the rest of our impressions on the Fit Sport, enjoy the video and feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

Honda provided the vehicle, insurance and one tank of gas for this review.

Author: Kevin Gordon

Kevin is Autosavant's owner and Editor-in-Chief, responsible for setting the overall strategy and editorial direction of Autosavant. He's also the primary contributor to Autosavant's YouTube channel ( where you can find a comprehensive library of new-car reviews.

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  1. Kevin, your review is spot-on. I agree completely about the steering feel, the brakes and the looks. My sister has owned the previous generation Jazz and I have driven the model you tried extensively.

    I was also quite impressed with the gearbox given that the previous gen model I tried had the CVT (efficient but dull).

    I think Honda is a great company but unfortunately it is reflecting in some sense the state of Japan as well. Will the country ever get out of its lull which it has been in for nearly two decades now? Are they going to be the forefront of building cars again? These questions can also, to some extent, influence Honda’s future.

    Cars like their FD2R Civic Type-R (now not produced) still shows that Honda knows how to make great drivers’ cars and great engines. I hope it won’t fall into irrelevance!

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