Review: 2012 Audi A6 3.0 TFSI quattro

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  1. Uncle E
    December 8, 2011

    Your brother sounds pretty cool!

  2. catastrophe
    December 8, 2011

    auto savant sounds more like auto ignorant sometimes

  3. Steve
    December 10, 2011

    Okay, so what would you recommend in this segment, then? I love the bmw’s styling, but it’s sluggish from start. The a6 doesn’t have this problem, but it’s kinda boring. The e series just doesn’t work for me. The Lexus sounds great and moves fast, but styling is boring and the nag system doesn’t allow input while moving.

    I want a sedan with some space and luxury, but also fun to drive. Any thoughts?

  4. Rob W
    December 16, 2011

    I’m also interested in the answer to Steve’s question. What is your recommendation? I have the same dilemma.

  5. Kevin Miller
    December 18, 2011

    Buying a car in this class is a big money decision and all comes down to personal choice. Just because I felt the A6 lacked passion or thought the 535i too bulky doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same way.

    I’d recommend driving the E-Class, the 5-series, and the A6. Spend some time playing with the inerior’s features and their interface methods, as well as test-driving each over roads representative of where you drive.

    Then, test drive one or two “outliers”, maybe the A7 or CLS, maybe Saab 9-5 Aero or Hyuidai Genesis- just as a reality check. Then pull the trigger on the one you like the best- and enjoy.

  6. DoolittleRaider
    December 29, 2012

    I recently bought a 2012 A6 3.0 Quattro. I test drove the BMW 535i and Mercedes-Benz E550 4Matic. The BMW was a sportier ride but the interior was spartan and stiff…almost sterile. The Merc was outstanding comfort but any add ons to get to the level of amenities in the A6 were exorbinant. We chose the Premium Plus package for all the core tech items and the overall quality of the care inside and out has been outstanding. The performance of the A6 is not as sporty as the Beemer but better than the Merc. The more we drive our A6 the more we discover about the little attention to details that Audi’s engineer put in our car. Some reviewers quibble over the layout of the MMI but once you adjust a bit you’ll discover that the knob and button placement is optimized in a circle around your arm/hand when it is rested on the adjustable arm rest and shifter knob. If you drive with both hands on the wheel, the exact same functionality of the center console MMI is replicated on the knobs and buttons on the steering wheel – you do not have to EVER let off the wheel to do any of the MMI functions. The Bluetooth/phone connectivity is great – the car uses the functionality (s, recently dialed, missed calls, etc) of the phone not the car. All materials in the interior are what you see, if it looks like wood it is REAL wood, if it looks like brushed aluminum it is brushed aluminum, and the leather is real not vinyl. Finally, small but telling details. When washing the car I began to appreciate the fit and finish. All areas where water can collect (gas filler area, wiper stowage, etc) have drain holes to whisk away the water. All door seams are filed smooth (no cuts from washing wheel wells, under doors, drying inside of door sills, etc) everything is smooth and well finished. All doors and trunk openings are triple sealed. I have owned new Tahoes, Honda Accords, and several other cars. The A6 is a beautiful piece of engineering that we love more and more the more we drive it. We are blessed to own one.

  7. DoolittleRaider
    December 29, 2012

    BTW, thanks for an outstanding in-depth review. Unfortunately we did not see your review until after we bought our car but it would not have mattered. Your review was dead on with the exception of the quibble over the MMI. Any new owner should expect to have to learn their new car’s quirks. With something like this car the payoff is more than worth the effort. My only harsh criticism is the cup holders…I wish they were bigger, not 32oz Big Gulp big, just bigger than a cup of coffee big. Thanks again!

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