Frankfurt Motor Show: Gallery (Day II)

By James Wong

We’ve just got back from the second press day at Frankfurt. Here are some photos to whet your appetite while we digest all the information presented to us for the past two days. We hope you enjoy these Mercedes-Benzes, Audis, BMWs, Peugeots, Toyotas, Alfas, and Ferraris!  Click after the jump for the full gallery.


The only writer to be based in Asia, James provides a refreshingly different perspective to the automotive industry with his unique experience of living in the Far East. He is a prolific journalist who has written for several leading automotive publications in Singapore, including Torque Singapore and REV Magazine Singapore. He believes in the thrill of driving and champions for an appreciation of driving pleasure above the horsepower race. In September 2010, James relocated to the United Kingdom, London, bringing him to a whole new environment from which to start a new chapter in automotive journalism.

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  1. Love all the photos; thanks for providing these shots. I envy you being there with all of these great cars to look at and talk about.

  2. No problem Terence. More articles to come regarding the show.

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