Long Term Test Introduction: 2011 F-150 FX4 4×4 EcoBoost

By Kevin Gordon

After having the chance to spend two weeks with the new EcoBoost motor in a Ford F-150, we were left wanting more.  After coming to the conclusion that this engine and truck are something special, we have added our first long term test car to the Autosavant Garage. We are pleased to introduce a 2011 Ford F-150 FX4 EcoBoost 4×4 145″ SuperCrew that we will be driving, testing, and documenting for the next two years. We plan to provide a full view into daily life with this truck. Additionally, we hope to use it as a test bed for some select after market items.

Stay tuned for the full details of the truck, including an interesting purchasing process. If you have any questions that you would like answered, please leave them in the comments and we will do what we can to get them answered.

Author: Kevin Gordon

Kevin is Autosavant's owner and Editor-in-Chief, responsible for setting the overall strategy and editorial direction of Autosavant. He's also the primary contributor to Autosavant's YouTube channel (youtube.com/autosavant) where you can find a comprehensive library of new-car reviews.

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  1. Since I have heard such widly different real-world MPG numbers for this engine, I will be very curious to see what the Autosavant crew returns.

  2. Agreed.

    Also as an ecoboost owner I am VERY interested in your aftermarket comment. I would love to see what an intake and exhaust can do for the sound of this truck. I like how quiet it is but would like to hear more turbo. If there were an aftermarket something that could keep it quiet except when I romped on the skinny right pedal I will be a very happy man!

  3. You guys are using the truck for almost a month now… what are your toughts so far?

  4. We’re working on it…in the meantime, follow on Twitter for more frequent updates on the long-term F-150 EcoBoost tester.

  5. I am really looking forward to your reviews as well. As an Ecoboost owner myself, I have seen very different mpg numbers from the “other” auto reviewers. Some say they have gotten 14 mpg no matter what, while others claim 22 or better. The fact is that the Ecoboost is like having two engines in one(v8 & v6), and your mpg will vary depending on which engine you drive it like. When you need V8 power and torque, then the Eco has plenty to give, but it comes with that V8 fuel thirst too. Alternatively, when you drive conservatively to get you from point A to B unloaded while trying to use as little fuel as possible, then that is where the V6 fuel economy aspect of the engine comes in. It all depends on how you are using the engine as with any vehicle. I have never seen this point iterated in any review of this engine to date. The majority of truck owners only tow/hual about 15% of the time. The 19-21(my real word numbers) mpg will be a big in the wallet for the remaining 85%. That is my opinion. Keep up the great articles.

  6. Any updates on the ecoboost?

  7. Stay tuned – coming VERY soon! It’s written and we just need to get the photos up.

  8. My F150- 2011 Platinum supercrew, Nav and loaded.
    In addition to your quirks on a ford f150, I add backup lights, dim and can’t see didily backing in the dark. I added a couple of 4″ LED bumper mount lights, works wonders! Brings the center stack backup camera to life.

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