Detroit 2010 NAIAS: Observations, Part Two

By J. Smith


DSC02980The 5.0 is back.

IMG_3572Fiat 500 twins.  Guess which one is electric.

Yesterday, I remarked on how the Chrysler display distracted from its lack of new product by featuring beautiful, scantily clad young women.  But Chrysler was far from the worst offender.  Perhaps the most shameless display at the NAIAS—even more so than Chrysler—was that of CT&T, a Korean EV manufacturer.  Typically, the spokesmodels (is that a word?  I guess it is now) are quite knowledgeable about the product.  But the EV display put the emphasis on the eye candy rather than the product.

DSC02997But, still, they delivered the goods.*

DSC03000The “school girl” seemed to be aware that the car was electric—at least after I mentioned it to her.

DSC03001But the tall, vinyl-clad Emma Peal-wannabe informed me that she knew more about the “other” car she stood in front of earlier.

DSC02996All in all, an arresting way to get attention.**

DSC03077The new CTS coupe was quite tasty. If only I had the money to go to that restaurant.

DSC03082Why GM chose to bring the antediluvian Impala I will never know.  Needless to say, I was focusing on the attractive young lady to the right.

DSC03081The Cruze is certainly a handsome vehicle, but it will have considerable difficulty competing against the gorgeous new Focus, at least based on looks and features.

DSC03093You have no idea how hard it was to get that shot.

DSC03074No glamour for those who toil at the keyboard. Think about this before you decide you want to write for a living. And, no open bar in sight, either.

DSC03019Acura grille: just as ugly in person. But, hey, at least it’s expensive.

DSC02964Crosstour: Also punishing to behold.  I predict it will sell well.  I hope I am wrong.

DSC02963Its rear-side shows off the automotive equivalent of mom pants.

DSC02969More of the comedic stylings of the Acura design team.

*I offer my personal apologies for this pun.


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Author: J.S. Smith

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  1. Made me laugh, thanks.

  2. The Cruze will get it’s fair share of sales, but I agree that the Focus is probably the superior product. Ford is going strong.

  3. What happened to the Chippendale (male) models needed to attract the female contingent which attends the show?

  4. The front beak of the Acura looks like an angry Legos set.

    It is a tortured look, frankly.

  5. You’re really dating yourself with the Emma Peel reference. You would have to be of advanced years to remember that television show.

    The little Brtiney Spears schoolgirl look is another matter, however.

  6. Culturemaven, I’m only 36.

  7. Cadillac CTS-V coupe is very impressive.

    And desirable.

  8. Culturemaven and J. Smith

    A blond she even looks a bit Purdy (Joanna Lumley), Miss Peel’s successor.

    Hope that reference doesn’t require that I be carbon dated.

  9. Ding! Ding! Ding! George is the winner for the Purdy reference! She’s definitely too thin to be Cathy Gale.

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