2008 Kia Sorento EX 4×4 Review

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  1. Cod Liver Oiler
    March 3, 2009

    I’m working through this same decision right now. This SUV or the Borrego. I think I’m going with the Borrego.

  2. ardyn
    May 17, 2009

    Thankx for the review, i have a kia sorento 2009.
    I’m trying to find more information on the upholstery …email me if you have any…thankx.

  3. Kevin Miller
    May 18, 2009

    I don’t have much information on the upholstery- the vehicle we tested had leather upholstery, which seems to consist of leather appointments on the parts of front seats ed by the body, and vinyl in the second row as well as inconspicuous areas of he front seats.

  4. Dorothy Graves
    October 5, 2010

    We boght a 2008 Kia sorento, in July 2010,twenty thousand miles on it.Got almost home and the sensor light,took it back that Monday, pick it up that Wednesday. Sept. 2010, had to take it back, because when you come to a stop there is a vibraation in the seat,and steering wheel.There is also a noise in the engine on the passenger side. When ask about this we was told that is the engine turning over. Never own a Kia before, and at this point not happy at all. Now I am wondering if this is a mistake.

    • Chris Haak
      October 5, 2010

      Dorothy, sorry to hear about your car troubles, but I’m not sure that your comment is 100% relevant to a review of a 2010 model, since they’re completely different vehicles. Yours was built in Korea, while the one we reviewed was built in the US.

  5. RICK C.
    March 14, 2011

    Dorothy Graves! you can’t judge KIA over purchasing a “used KIA”. Remember, you bought a “USED” KIA…NOT A NEW ONE. Whoever owned that KIA SORENTO you bought could have “abused” it. My dad gave me his 2008 KIA SORENTO (because he wanted to down grade to a SPORTAGE and I haven’t had a problem with my SORENTO at all. The saying goes and it holds true, “If you (TAKE CARE) of a product it will take care of you. Try buying a “NEW” KIA product and then you will have room to “JUDGE” KIA.

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