"Superman" Ford Taurus Revealed Early

19:25 hrs ET – Ford’s legal department has requested that we remove the photo image originally posted with this story and we have complied – Autosavant

By Igor Holas


Yesterday (Monday) evening, a blurry picture was posted on the Taurus Car Club of America’s online forums. It was a small blurry cell-phone picture, but it still stirred quite a commotion online, as it claimed to depict the new 2010 Ford Taurus, without a piece of camouflage over its body. The picture is of low quality and shows only the front ¾ view, but it showed the important piece – the sexy body of the new Ford Taurus slotted to go on sale next year.

Ford’s head of product development, Derrick Kuzak, said that Ford is moving the Taurus from its homely “Homer Simpson” looks to more attractive “Superman” looks. The main focus of the team was on design – inside and out. The current Taurus is considered one of the best sedans on the market with excellent reliability, fuel economy, safety, and price – but its uninspiring looks make thousands of buyers pass right by without giving it a chance.

The new Taurus sets out to change that. The front design is heavily inspired by the European Ford Mondeo and Australian Ford Falcon with wedge headlamps, trapezoid lower intake and detailed body sculpting. The grille itself is a little weaker than current North-American Fords, and the tree-bar grille is mostly gone, but the overall shape of the car and the nose is much more three-dimensional, modern, upscale, and elegant. The critics could call it a little too generic (and I may agree) but it is still a major step up from the current car.

The underpinnings of the new car will remain largely unchanged. The car will be powered by a transversely mounted V6 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and powering front or all four wheels. There will be a boat-load of interior and cargo space, impressive safety features, and overall solid, grown up feel to everything. The platform will be heavily revised, however, as the new Taurus will ride on the MKS platform (which is a significantly updated version of the current Taurus platform). Some changes stemming from this updated platform include tilt-telescoping wheel, longer (and flexible) wheelbase length, and better proportions thanks to lower roof-line and wider stance. As mentioned numerous times before, the new car will include the 3.5l EcoBoost engine delivering about 350 horses without any mileage penalty.
When the picture initially surfaced, it was not immediately accepted as genuine. After all, the car on the picture (especially in the blur), could possibly be a Hyundai Azera, or another vehicle. However, Ford helped us confirm the authenticity when mid-day on Tuesday it started demanding the removal of all copies of the image. Ford would not be upset over a bogus image, would they?

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. I like what I see, it’s a big improvement over the current Taurus.

  2. I wonder if the SHO will have a V8 or a high-output direct injection six? I am so completely psyched for another SHO.

  3. Im a bit uninspired about these “spy” shots. The front end just seems too bland, lets see something bold and big. It seems this pictures are hard to come by and this is one of the last remaining sites that have it.

  4. I don’t see how this made Big Al cry. It is a good looking car, but that’s because it looks like the Euro models and doesn’t have the ‘rapper bling’ look of the hideous three bar grille.

  5. anonymous, my guess for the SHO, it might have a high-output V6 or even….a Twin-turbo V6 with a AWD system.

  6. Well, it was worth a shot with the photo. You had to figure Ford would make you take it down like the others.

  7. a v6 – would that be an ecoboost? Or is Ford not planning to put one in a Taurus?

  8. mlhm5: Not too long ago Ford released video of a current-gen AWD Taurus mule running a standing-start launch with an EcoBoost V6, and by “launch” I mean “readjustment of the Earth’s crust”.

    ie, the thing has wicked power.

    I bet the video would’ve never seen light of day if that engine weren’t going in a Taurus.

  9. I can’t find the cell phone photo anywhere now. Every site I go to has removed it because they’re told by FOrd

  10. I saw the picture and I think it looks like a camry, very bland!

  11. nujim, the same photo that we had to take down yesterday is now on Autoblog, Motor Trend, and Edmunds’ InsideLine. I guess, like broken embargoes, Ford and other manufacturers let it slide because they need the coverage more than they need to penalize the big outlets.

  12. I was hoping for someething more SEXY

  13. The only question now is what engines will be in the car. Oil is dropping like a rock so I guess that means gas will follow, but unfortunately, the only reason oil is dropping is because the market is thinking a lot more americans are going to be without jobs soon and unable to buy gasoline at any price.

    Does the Taurus appear with a four, a six and an eight under the hood? Or just a six and an eight? It is a big car. Or, just a six and an Eco-Boost four?

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