GM Picks Two Suppliers for Volt Battery

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  1. RichinPasadena
    June 5, 2007

    I’m glad to see it. Maybe the sleeping giant is finally rousing itself, and will rejoin the ranks of auto companies that innovate.

  2. peenonwa
    June 6, 2007

    If all of this works, GM will have quite a hit on their hands. They won’t know how to act, will they? They’re not used to praise from the press and environmentalists, so that would be a new experience for them. I hope it comes out as soon as possible.

  3. goggly
    June 6, 2007

    When are you guys ever going to learn? GM is just going through the motions, trying to appease the critics of their gas-guzzling SUV and truck product line. This just provides political cover for them. They’re going to keep doing what they’ve always done: selling huge vehicles that get lousy gas mileage. Wake up and smell the coffee!

  4. Mark in TN
    June 6, 2007

    goggly, times change, people change, and so do companies. I’m willing to give GM the benefit of the doubt. I think they’re working pretty hard on the Volt because I think they believe they have to. Not for environmental reasons, but for business reasons.

  5. georgel
    June 7, 2007

    I’m all for the technology, but I hope they put it in something that doesn’t look so boy-racer. How about a more elegant design?

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